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 +<embed en:​templates:​tabs_new>​
 +  <label lang>​en</​label>​
 +  <label mod_name>​tqma57xx</​label>​
 +  <label mod_name_head>​TQMa57xx</​label>​
 +  <label mod_arch>​arm</​label>​
 +  <label bsp_name>​linux</​label>​
 +  <label build_system>​yocto</​label>​
 +  <label build_system_head>​YOCTO</​label>​
 +  <label bsp_name_head>​Linux</​label>​
 +===== MBa57x ======
 +==== RS485 ====
 +^ RS485 bus block in half-duplex mode  ^^
 +^ Affects ​  | RS485 via UARTx on MBa57xx Revsion 01xx  |
 +^ Issue     | During AM57xx reset the UARTx.CTS# pin is low by default (CPU internal pull down)  |
 +^ Effect ​   | Using the AM57xx RS485 circuitry in a half-duplex slave device or half-duplex multi-master environment may block the RS485 bus during AM57xx reset.\\ The bus is released as soon as the UARTx.CTS# pin is properly configured by software (e.g. U-Boot, Linux, etc.)  |
 +^ Solution / Workaround ​ | Add a 10k pull up to the UARTx.CTS# signal on carrier board \\  This behaviour will be fixed with MBa57xx REV.02xx ​  |

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