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Embedded module TQMa28 - QNX Neutrino BSP documentation


Current versions & features

U-Boot 2009.08+fsl

Component Status Remarks
Ethernet +
e-MMC +
SD +
I2C +
Key: + tested | - untested | ? open

QNX Neutrino

QNX Neutrino 6.5.0 SP1

Device Interface Function Status Remarks
i.MX28 AUART0 ?
i.MX28 AUART1 ?
i.MX28 AUART2 ? not connected on MBa28
i.MX28 AUART3 + console
i.MX28 AUART4 ?
i.MX28 Boot ROM SSP0 + eMMC
i.MX28 Boot ROM SSP1 + SD card
i.MX28 Boot ROM TFTP + using U-Boot
i.MX28 DUART RS-232 ?
i.MX28 ENET ENET-MAC0 + Ethernet (IEEE 802.3-2002)
i.MX28 ENET ENET-MAC1 + Ethernet (IEEE 802.3-2002)
i.MX28 FlexCAN CAN0 +
i.MX28 FlexCAN CAN1 +
i.MX28 GPIO ?
i.MX28 I2C0 Bus access -
i.MX28 I2C1 Bus access ?
i.MX28 I2C1 EEPROM access ?
i.MX28 I2C1 LM73 ? Temp. Sensor
i.MX28 LCDIF TFT Display + Display Type FG0700
i.MX28 LRADC Touch-Screen Controller +
i.MX28 PMU Battery ?
i.MX28 RTC $
i.MX28 SSP0 eMMC $
i.MX28 SSP1 SD card +
i.MX28 USB USB0 (OTG) + Mass storage
i.MX28 USB USB1 (Host only) + Mass storage
SN75LVDS83B (MBa28) LVDS Display $
SGTL5000 (MBa28) HP OUT / LINE OUT Audio Output +
SGTL5000 (MBa28) MIC_IN Audio Input ?
Buzzer (MBa28) GPIO0_24 ?
Key: + tested | - untested | ? open issues | $ on request

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TQ-Systems GmbH provides the Board Support Packages (BSP) free of charge. The software included in the shipment has been configured individually for the starter kits. The software is only intended to evaluate the module. The use of the Board Support Packages (BSP) is only allowed within the scope of functionality described by TQ-Systems GmbH. TQ-Systems GmbH does not accept any liability for all further changes of the Board Support Package and for any damage resulting from its use.

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