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Installation of the ELDK Toolchain

This manual is related to following versions:

  • Ubuntu 10.04 i386 (VMware virtual Maschine)
  • ELDK 4.2 (2008-04-01)

ELDK source

The ftp download server for the iso image of the ELDK CD is: ftp://ftp.denx.de/pub/eldk/4.2/ppc-linux-x86/iso/ppc-2008-04-01.iso

Installing ELDK

Before running the installation you have to create a direcotry for the installation. After that you can run the install skript.

tq@ubuntu:/media/ppc-2008-04-01$ sudo mkdir /opt/eldk
tq@ubuntu:/media/ppc-2008-04-01$ sudo chown tq:tq /opt/eldk
tq@ubuntu:/media/ppc-2008-04-01$ ./install -d /opt/eldk ppc_85xxDP

After a successful run of the install skript you need to make the ELDK rootfs able to boot. Run the two skripts with sudo enabled.

tq@ubuntu:/media/ppc-2008-04-01$ sudo ./ELDK_MAKEDEV -d /opt/eldk/
tq@ubuntu:/media/ppc-2008-04-01$ sudo ./ELDK_FIXOWNER -d /opt/eldk/

Configuring the ELDK Cross Compiler

The configuration of the environment variables $PATH and $CROSS_COMPILE should be written in the file /opt/eldk/setup_eldk.

tq@ubuntu:/opt/eldk$ echo 'PATH=$PATH:/opt/eldk/usr/bin:/opt/eldk/bin
export CROSS_COMPILE="ppc_85xxDP-"
export ARCH=powerpc' > setup_eldk & chmod u+x setup_eldk

To use the ELDK toolchain for cross compiling you can simply source the created configuration file.

tq@ubuntu:~$ source /opt/eldk/setup_eldk

If you are using just this version of ELDK with only one architecture you can write the settings permanent in the file ~/.bashrc. Open your favourite texteditor and and append the following line.

source /opt/eldk/setup_eldk

Alternatively you can do it with a small command:

tq@ubuntu:~$ echo 'source /opt/eldk/setup_eldk' >> ~/.bashrc

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