Android BSP

supported Features

Feature Description
Bootloader u-boot
Display support – HDMI HDMI interface
Display support – LVDS dcss
MIPI-DSI Display interface
Ethernet - SOC
SDIO interface (SD card/eMMC) Boot from external SD card or internal eMMC
Touch (i2c/USB) Touch interface
Feature Description
USB 2.0/3.0 - SOC
I2C 100kHz and 400kHz
GPIO Output pins
UART w/o flow control
CPU Power Management

Programming via UUU-Tool

The Android image can be written via a UUU script on SD card and on eMMC of the module

  1. Unpacking the image archive into a folder
  2. Download uuu from GitHub and save it to the directory with the images.
  3. open windows cmd with admin rights
  4. use cd to go to the folder where the android files and scripts are located
  5. start the UUU script using the command uuu_imx_android_flash.bat to get a overview of the available functions
  1. connect MBa8Mx via microUSB on X19
  2. Set switch S9 to (1)OFF (2)OFF (3)ON (4)OFF (Serial downloader)
  3. connect MBa8Mx with power
  4. start flash process with the following command (LVDS, eMMC):
 uuu_imx_android_flash.bat -f imx8mq -c 7 -u 4g-dual -d dcss-lvds-tm070jvhg33 -e 

Options for script

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