Embedded module TQMa8XxS - PikeOS BSP documentation

PikeOS is a real-time operating system that offers a separation kernel-based hypervisor with multiple partitions for many other operating systems and applications. It enables you to build devices for environments with strong demands for safety and security. PikeOS is compliant to the highest safety standards for avionics, space, railway, automotive, medical and industrial automation markets. Due to its separation kernel approach it is the first choice for systems which demand protection against cyber-security attacks. In addition to the broad usage within millions of IoT and edge systems, it has also been deployed within various high critical communication infrastructures. PikeOS brings together virtualization and real-time by means of unique and never seen before technologies. It allows you to migrate numerous complex embedded circuit boards in to a single hardware. It does not stop when it comes to new hardware concepts such as Big-SoCs with multiple heterogeneous processor cores. Finally, when it comes to certification, SYSGO offers you the right certification kit in order to help you facing the certification authorities.

  • Last modified: 2023/08/30 12:30