U-Boot provides two tools to read fw_printenv and edit fw_setenv the U-Boot environment from the Linux shell. The U-Boot tools are selected by default in PTXdist based BSP's. This tutorial describes how to setup the configuration file and the usage of the tools mentioned above.

Working with U-Boot tools requires that the U-Boot environment has been saved with the saveenv command in U-Boot, otherwise the U-Boot tools are using the default environment.
If a redundant environment is configured the saveenv command must be executed twice.

The U-Boot Tools need a proper configuration of environment size and memory offset in the /etc/fw_env.config file.
In case of a unmanaged memory (e.g. SPI NOR) the block size also has to be configured. The example configurations below refers to the default partitioning of our BSP's.






Read U-Boot Environment
Edit U-Boot Environment
fw_setenv [parameter] [value]


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