Virtual machine with VMware player

Used versions

  • Ubuntu 16.04_64 LTS x86 as guest OS
  • Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB as host OS
  • VMware® player 12.5.8 Build 7098237
  • Download the latest Version of VMware Player on
  • Download an image of a recent Ubuntu version
  • Launch VMware Player and press 'Create a New Virtual Machine', then select the .iso of Ubuntu
  • After setting Username and password, select an installation folder for your VM

  • Specify the maximum disk size for your VM. VMware Player recommends 20GB, we recommend more.
  • Before you finish the setup, press 'Customize Hardware' to allocate a custom amount of memory and processor cores to the Virtual Machine

  • Press finish to install the OS


  • No configuration necessary
  • Guest is member in the network


  • Guest is registered in the network as a 'normal' host

Configuration of the target

The IP address of the virtual machine must be registered as the server IP in the target.


  • Guest is not reachable from the network
  • Guest can access network via NAT


  • Configuration very complicated

When copying virtual machines, chances are that a new Ethernet device with a new MAC address is created. If the Ethernet device gets a new name (eth2 …), you have to add auto to the name of the interface in the file etc/network/interfaces (e.g., auto eth2). Then the service networking must be restarted (sudo service networking restart). Alternatively, you can edit the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and assign the MAC to the eth0 device.

  • Last modified: 2022/08/04 15:02