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Embedded module TQMxE38M Documentation

BIOS Overview

BIOS Revision TXE Firmware Version PCI Configurations BIOS Binary 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.21_headless.bin
intended use for TQMxE38M-AD/-AJ (headless version without graphics) 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.16.bin
1×4 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.16_pcie1x4.bin
1×2 + 2×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.16_pcie1x22x1.bin 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.14_headless.bin
intended use for TQMxE38M-AD/-AJ (headless version without graphics) 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.12_X64.bin
1×4 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.12_X64_pcie1x4.bin
1×2 + 2×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.12_X64_pcie1x2_2x1.bin 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0025.09_X64.bin 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0025.06_X64.bin


On-board I2C devices

Bus Destination Function Address 8-bit Address 7-bit
SMBUS CAT34TS021) Thermal Sensor 0x34 0x1A
CAT34TS02 SPD EEPROM 0xA0 0x50
NCT7802 Hardware Monitor 0x58 0x2C
RV-8803-C7 RTC (temp. comp) 0x64 0x32
FPGA non non non
COMe Con. any N/A2) N/A
I2C COMe 24LC32 COMe EEPROM 0xAE 0x57
COMe Con. any N/A3) N/A
The CAT34TS02 is a combinated device with two addresses
2) , 3)
Availability and addresses depend on customer

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TQ-Systems GmbH provides the Board Support Packages (BSP) free of charge. The software included in the shipment has been configured individually for the starter kits. The software is only intended to evaluate the module. The use of the Board Support Packages (BSP) is only allowed within the scope of functionality described by TQ-Systems GmbH. TQ-Systems GmbH does not accept any liability for all further changes of the Board Support Package and for any damage resulting from its use.

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