BIOS Overview

BIOS Revision BIOS Version TXE Firmware Version PCI Configurations BIOS Binary
Rev. 0104 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.21_headless.bin 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.16.bin
1×4 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.16_pcie1x4.bin
1×2 + 2×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.16_pcie1x22x1.bin
Rev. 0103 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.14_headless.bin
Rev. 0102 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.12_X64.bin
1×4 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.12_X64_pcie1x4.bin
1×2 + 2×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0028.12_X64_pcie1x2_2x1.bin
Rev. 0101 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0025.09_X64.bin
Rev. 0100 4×1 PCIe Lanes TQMxE38M_5.4.48.0025.06_X64.bin


  • change default configuration
    • Console Serial Redirect <Enabled>

  • Fix SSD not frozen issue
  • Fix Linux shutdown issue
  • Extend help text for GPI interrupt configuration
  • Integrate microcode to close security gap 'Spectre'
  • Integrate microcode to support D1 stepping
  • Program Power State S5 and hide Power State configuration in SioTqmx86
  • Smart Battery: Fix battery temperature issue
  • Add menu to enable GPI interrupt

  • Update setup defaults (Console Redirection > enabled)
  • Not show battery symbol in Win taskbar if no battery controller is present
  • Smart Battery: remove hard coded battery information

  • Update to Insyde BIOS:
  • Integrate new TXE FW:
  • Integrate Microcode: 905
  • Update VBIOS: 3842
  • Update GOP: 7.2.1011
  • Fix USB Vref from 650 mV to 850 mV according to Intel recommendation
  • Reserve IRQ10 and IRQ12 for EAPI devices (Watchdog, I2C controller)
  • Fix possible memory leak in SioTqmx86Pkg
  • Fix Windows Mobility Center not shown in control panel
  • Unhide Max C-States menu
  • Add smart battery support
  • Fix SATA hotplug not working if booted with no SATA device connected

  • Backport of LID bugfix
  • Remove clearing of ULPS5 bit on every boot
  • Cleanup “todo” comments
  • Fix compiler warnings
  • Support H2OUVE to modify BIOS setup defaults
  • Change BIOS version name from TQMxE38 to TQMxE38M
  • USB Vref workaround according Intel doc #528010
  • USB workaround according Intel doc #556192
  • Fix typo in USB setup menu
  • Fix BIOS hang during initialization/reboot issue
  • Add network support / remove TPM support
  • Fix system freezes because of C6 state bug
  • set PCIe ASPM default to disabled
  • Unhide C-States setup menu