Embedded module TQMa335x - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

we suggest to read the following pages before you proceed with this page

Finally, you will find the built images in platform-MBa335x/images.

Complete system images:


  • image-u-boot-mba335x-mmc-hd.img : Complete Image for modules with 256 MB and 512 MB RAM

Bootloader images:

  • u-boot-mba335x-mmc-MLO : SPL U-Boot for SD / e-MMC boot
  • u-boot-mba335x-mmc.img : U-Boot for SD / e-mmc boot

Linux images:

  • linuximage : Kernel (uImage)
  • am335x-mba335x.dtb : device tree blob for TQMa335x on MBa335x
  • am335x-mba335x-dmb-ct44.dtb : - with parallel display (DMB S070WV106H-CT44/S070SWV29HG-DC44)
  • am335x-mba335x-glyn-etm0700.dtb : - with parallel display (GLYN ETM0700G0EDH6)
  • am335x-mba335x-lvds-g104x1.dtb : - with LVDS display (Tianma TM070JVHG33)

Rootfs images:

  • root.ext2
  • root.tgz

In this context, firmware refers to a complete system image (see above), including U-Boot, Linux Kernel and Root Filesystem.

For convenience, the default U-Boot environment provides several variables, which can be used to transfer (parts of) the firmware between different storage locations (e.g. SD card, eMMC, NFS, …). The names of these variables adhere to the syntax


with the following options

<PART>   = firmware | uboot | kernel | rootfs
<TARGET> = emmc | sd | spi
<SOURCE> = emmc | sd | net

The size of the firmware is stored in mmcfirmwareblksize, please set accordingly if your firmware exceeds the default size of 0x32000.
Formula to calulate the mmcfirmwareblksize
Size of sd.hdimg in bytes / 512 = convert the result into a hex value

For example, to copy the whole firmware from SD card to eMMC execute

U-Boot# run upd_firmware_emmc_sd

For further details, please have a look at the contents of the respective environment variable, e.g.

U-Boot# printenv upd_firmware_emmc_sd

upd_firmware_emmc_sd=mmc dev ${sddev} && mmc rescan && mmc read ${loadaddr} 0 ${mmcfirmwareblksize} && mmc dev ${emmcdev} && mmc rescan && mmc write ${loadaddr} 0 ${mmcfirmwareblksize}
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