Debugging with Eclipse and gdb

First a connection to the TQ-Module has to be established with the Remote System Explorer. A step-by-step instruction is on this wiki page:

Connecting to the TQ-Module with the Remote System Explorer.


  • running demo application
  • debugging works on the command line
  1. Open the configuration window in the menu Run > Debug Configurations….
  2. Create a new C/C++ Remote Application configuration there.
  3. First select at the bottom Select other as launcher. In the appearing window check Use configuration specific settings and then select the Standard Remote Create Process Launcher.
  4. Then select the previously created connection as connection in the tab Main.
  5. The Remote Absolute File Path for C/C++ Application has to be set (preferably via the button Browse….
  6. The project- and application settings should be set correctly.
  7. Additional parameters can be passed to the program to be debugged in the tab arguments.
  8. The GDB debugger has to be set to the right GDB, in our case arm-linux-gdb, in the tab main of the Debugger Options in the tab Debugger.
  9. The path to the Shared Libraries on the host system has to be added in the Debugger Options for the module. In this case /opt/eldk/arm/lib
  10. Nothing has to be set in the tab Gdbserver Settings.
  11. Save the settings with Apply and start debugging with Debug.

When you start the debug process, the source code is not displayed. Instead, an error message appears. “No source available for main() ”

Reason: Debug symbols are not compiled in.

Correction: Activate the debug symbols in the variable CPPFLAGS with the switch -g in the make file: CPPFLAGS := -Wall -g

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