Debugging with Eclipse without Remote System Explorer

Select Debug Configurations in the Eclipse menu Run. Create a new configuration in the window Debug Configurations at C/C++ Attach to Application. Now the following settings apply:

Name: i.MX GDB Debugging

In the tab Main:

C/C++ Application: <Pfad zur Binärdatei des Projekts>
Project: Eclipse-Projekt wählen

In the tab Debugger:

Debugger: gdbserver
Main->GDB debugger: /opt/ltib_iMX35/ltib/bin/gdb
Main->GDB command line: .gdbinit
Shared Libraries: /opt/ltib_iMX35/ltib/rootfs/lib
Connection->Type: TCP
Connection->Host name: <Target IP>
Connection->Port number: 10000

Now click Close.

Now the project can be compiled. The generated binary file must either be available via NFS or on the flash of the target. Here Eclipse can be configured in such a way that it automatically saves the compilation in the RootFS of LTIB, from where it can be started via NFS.

Now the GDB server must be started on the target:

$ gdbserver *:10000 <program file of the project to be started> <any parameters>
Process ... created; pid = 1799
Listening on port 10000

Now this debug configuration can be selected and started in Eclipse with the little arrow at the bug icon. The target recognizes that with the message:

Remote debugging from host <Host IP>

Now the GDB in the console window of Eclipse (Shift+Alt+Q , C) is waiting for inputs.

  • Last modified: 2022/08/04 15:02