This tutorial describes hoe to update the firmware files in U-Boot.

1. Boot from eMMC or SD and stop autoboot in U-Boot

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

2. Set U-Boot variable mmcdev according to the drive you want to write to

=> setenv mmcdev <Nr.>


3. Connect target device via ethernet to a tftp server supplying the frimware images
4. Provide the correct network configuration in U-Boot:

  • ⇒ setenv autoload no
  • ⇒ setenv serverip <serverip> (e.g.: setenv serverip
  • ⇒ setenv ipaddr <ipaddr> (e.g.: setenv ipaddr
  • ⇒ setenv netmask <netmask> (e.g.: setenv netmask

5. Provide U-Boot the file name of the desired image on the tftp server:

6. Perform Update:

The u-boot update scripts automatically implement the selection of the primary copy to boot.

  • Last modified: 2022/08/04 15:02