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-===== Using the TQ VMware Image ===== 
-====Download VMware Player==== 
-You have to register on [[http://​​go/​downloadplayer/​|VMare]] to download Vmware player. The VM images are created with the version 3.0.0. 
-====Download of the virtual machine==== 
-You can find the actual Downloads [[#​downloads|here]]. 
-<WRAP round info> 
-The file has a size over 1 GB. 
-====Import of the TQ VM Image==== 
-You can open the Image with the dialog ''​File > Open a Virtual Machine...''​ after starting the Vmware Player. 
-You have to choose the Vmware vmx file in the directory in which the virtual maschine is extracted.  ​ 
-====Start the virtual Machine==== 
-For starting the vm click on the button ''​Play virtual machine''​. The ubuntu linux system is then starting in the actual window. ​ 
-The Logindatas for the VM are: 
-  * **user**: ''​tq''​ 
-  * **Password**:​ ''​password''​ 
-  ​ 
-<WRAP round info>​Ubuntu has no root-user. If commands require root-privilegs you can run it with ''​sudo''​. For this you need the normal user password. 
-====Features of the vm==== 
-The corresponding Cross-Toolchain and frequently used programs for the module are installed on the vm.  
-The machine contains the actual toolchain for the corresponding platform. 
-===TFTP and NFS server=== 
-The VM already contains a [[en:​general_information:​tftp|TFTP]] and a [[en:​general_information:​nfs|NFS]] server. 
-As integrated depelopment environment [[en:​general_information:​eclipse_new|Eclipse]] indigo has been installed with the C development tool. A starter in the top bar starts eclipse with the right environment variables. 
-<WRAP round info> 
-The vm contains no BSP-sources. You have to download them from the download area of the module. 
-<WRAP round download>​ 
-[[http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=vms:​| virtual machine for TQMP1020/​2020]] - ELDK 

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TQ-Systems GmbH provides the Board Support Packages (BSP) free of charge. The software included in the shipment has been configured individually for the starter kits. The software is only intended to evaluate the module. The use of the Board Support Packages (BSP) is only allowed within the scope of functionality described by TQ-Systems GmbH. TQ-Systems GmbH does not accept any liability for all further changes of the Board Support Package and for any damage resulting from its use.

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