BIOS Overview

BIOS Revision BIOS Version ME Firmware Version Chipset PCI Configurations BIOS Binary
Rev. 0102 CM238 8×1 PCIe Lanes TQMx60_70EB_5.
Rev. 0101 CM238 8×1 PCIe Lanes TQMx60_70EB_5.
2×4 PCIe Lanes TQMx60_70EB_5.
Rev. 0100 CM238 8×1 PCIe Lanes TQMx70EB_05.11.51.0024.01.bin


  • Insyde core update to tag / Close security gap Spectre Variant 2, 3a and 4
  • add ME FW ME_11.8_Corporate_11.8.55.3510
  • enable Usage of SPI Flashes not listed
  • hide EC version
  • hide Fab ID
  • adapt LCD control shown in SCU
  • integrate H2OUVE support

  • Insyde core update to tag
  • add PEG PCI Express configuration menu
  • add ME FW ME_11.8_Corporate_11.8.50.3434 (close security gap)
  • add ME FW ME_11.8_Consumer_11.8.50.3434
  • add support for SPI flash GD 25Q127C
  • fix wrong negative temperature shown in HWM
  • hide Fahrenheit temperature shown in HWM
  • use Insyde function for 3 x reset processing
  • fix no DP output with Xeon CPU with GT2 graphic
  • add UEFI-LVDS functunality
  • correct LVDS resolutions in setup menu
  • Correct SMBIOS data
  • add GPIO/SD-Card information in SioTqmx86 driver
  • add eDP to LVDS bridge information in SioTqmx86 driver
  • change to UEFI Boot Type by default
  • Make IRQ 5, 6 and 7 for COMs in SioTqmx86 driver adjustable
  • Do not suppress LCD Control when UEFI Boot Type
  • adapt VBIOS and GOP configuration
  • Add Consumer ME Firmware (for HM170)
  • Add Chipset SKU HM170 (for HM170)
  • Add Chipset SKU CM238 (for CM238)
  • SioNct7802y: Implement fan scaling configuration
  • SioNct7802y: add menu to configure fan PWM frequency
  • fix not working eDP Display

  • Insyde
  • Corporate ME (CM238):
  • updated BIOS setup defaults
  • simplify/clean-up setup menu
  • adapt SioTqmx86Pkg to TQMx70EB
  • adapt SioNct7802yPkg to TQMx70EB
  • disable LVDS bridge hard by pin
  • add menu to configure PWM frequency
  • fix no DP output with Xeon CPU with GT2 graphic
  • modify VBIOS and GOP configuration
  • reserve some IRQs
  • add support for EXAR XR28V382 dual UART SIO
  • add support for XEON cpu with GT2 graphic
  • remove MEBx front page icon/support
  • fix lost setup values if CMOS is lost
  • add USB touch support
  • remove thunderbolt support
  • add verb table for ALC262 codec on COME6-2 board
  • switch from textual form browser to “normal” look & feel
  • console redirection disabled by default
  • TQ boot logo
  • remove LPC decode range 0x0680…0x068F
  • remove LPC decode range 0x1640…0x164F
  • disable SioNct6776fPkg
  • Enable build time flag in BIOS setup menu
  • Enable snap-screen support
  • Switch from debug to release version
  • Start new revision .01
  • Set Release Date