Embedded module TQMa62xx - YOCTO Linux BSP documentation

Building the Yocto SDK for the STKa62xx requires a Yocto build environment configured for meta-tq or ci-meta-tq. Follow the TQMa62xx Yocto quickstart quide instuctions to setup the build environment.

The SDK has to match to the actual rootfs configuration, otherwise you may expect difficuties while debugging an application.
So if the rootfs configuration is changed the SDK must be rebuilt and installed again.

To generate the Yocto SDK for the default image tq-image-weston-debug use the following command in your build space:

bitbake -c populate_sdk tq-image-weston-debug

Yocto generates an SDK install script which is available after building in the following path of you build directory …/tmp/deploy/sdk/.
Navigate to the script and execute it to install the SDK. The code block below shows the install script name if the default image tq-image-weston-debug has been used to generate the SDK

Keep in mind that the SDK has to match to your target image.
By default the sdk will be installed to /opt/dumpling-wayland-ti/4.0.14/
The install path can be changed during the install process.

If the SDK is used in a new shell session, source the SDK environment setup script e.g. when SDK has been installed to the default path /opt/dumpling-wayland-ti/4.0.14/

source /opt/dumpling-wayland-ti/4.0.14/environment-setup-aarch64-tq-linux

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