Embedded module TQMa64xxL - YOCTO Linux BSP documentation

Starterkit Interfaces

Starterkit Interfaces


The MBax4Xx baseboard is equipped with a Silex WLAN and Bluetooth 5.0 module.

To start and control the module you have to execute the following command in the Linux shell:


After executing the command, you are in the subsystem of the BT interface and can use it to connect devices and configure settings.

Power on the Bluetooth module on the starterkit:

power on

To allow other devices to find your chip enter the following command:

discoverable on

Scan for devices:

scan on

Connect to paired device:

connect <Device Address>

You can obtain a list of commands with the following command:


To leave the subsystem the following command can be used



The MBax4Xx baseboard is equipped with a Silex WLAN 2.4/5GHz module.

The SDIO signals SD card interfaces are used for the WLAN interface. Thus the kernel cannot be booted from the SD card when using the WLAN module.

The selection is made by adjusting the devicetree that is loaded.

Change SDIO interface from sdcard to wifi

1. boot from eMMC and stop in the uboot shell (U-boot and RootFS must be present on eMMC)
2. load the devicetree-overlay for wifi:

setenv name_overlay k3-am64-tqma64xxl-mbax4xxl-wlan.dtbo

Optional: Save Environtment using the saveenv command in uboot

Use Wifi in Linux

Scan for Wifi networks in your area:

iw dev wlan0 scan

List available commands for wifi:

iw help
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