Embedded module TQMLS1028A - YOCTO Linux BSP documentation

A good approach to update the firmare components U-Boot,Linux kernel and devicetree in a running system it to load them from a tftp server.
This process requires a running TFTP server, please see the following page how to setup TFTP Server. After setting up the TFTP server, the binaries to be updated must be copied into the TFTP directory.

1. Setup the Starterkit to boot from eMMC or SD
2. Connect the kit to the network with TFTP server supplying the binaries via ethernet on connectorETH_PRIME
3. Power up the system and interrupt the boot process in U-Boot

Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

3. Setup the ethernet interface:

Set network settings manually

Set network settings using DHCP

4. Set U-Boot variable mmcdev according to the drive you want to write to.

=> setenv mmcdev <device_number>

Device assignment:
mmcdev 0 = SD Card
mmcdev 1 = eMMC

5. Set U-Boot environment variables according to the image file name stored on the tftp server:

eMMc/SD Card




6. Perform Update:





7. Please also note the MBLS1028A DIP switch settings regarding the boot source.

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