Embedded module TQMxE40S Documentation

BIOS Overview

BIOS Revision BIOS Version CSE Firmware Version BIOS Binary
Rev. 0100 TQMxE40S_05.


  • Remove PCIe_CLK_Req pins in GPIO initialization table
  • Adapt SMBIOS data
  • Adapt Setup menu
  • Fix SD-Card issue
  • SioTqmx86: Adapt to SMARC specification
  • SioTqmx86: Remove USB0 host present information
  • Fix not booting system when pressing power button
  • Change Default configuration
    • PCH TSN LAN Controller <Enabled>
  • Enable TSN GBE in Fit
  • Correct Memory SPD data
  • Switch version shown to SMARC
  • Adapt GOP config
  • Set lane 8 (Host 0) to SGMII config in XML (CSE)
  • Adapt GPIO configuration
  • Correct output image name
  • Adapt GPIO voltages
  • Define DQS Map CPU to DRAM mapping on EOM config provided