Embedded Module TQMa53 - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

TQ Board Support Packages

The Board Support Packages (BSPs) usually provide source code as well as precompiled images for one or more platforms. Please see the version matrix for details on each revision of the BSP.

Linux BSP Rev.0111 for TQMa53 ☚ current revision
MD5SUM: F39C8272A940E65C390ADD8FC489F4B1

Linux BSP Rev.0109 for TQMa53
MD5SUM: F82E6715E19D2DA6DDE90917E3AFAE38

Linux BSP Rev.0108 for TQMa53

Linux BSP Rev.0105 for TQMa53 (precompiled binaries)
MD5SUM: 91C385558CE551ADEE5965BD0FECF7E1

Linux BSP Rev.0105 for TQMa53 (source)
MD5SUM: 6E533A5C6BB051EA1776AF14D1D9BD36

Linux BSP Rev.0104 for TQMa53 (precompiled binaries)

Linux BSP Rev.0104 for TQMa53 (source)
MD5SUM: 708CD307EAA220F53CC235532B0EBD29

Linux BSP Rev.0103 for TQMa53 (precompiled binaries)
MD5SUM: 28B109FCCB0A59B436C80B328B859EB1

Linux BSP Rev.0103 for TQMa53 (source)
MD5SUM: 082669D0ED44AF9A1689115D2DD392A2

Build System / Toolchains

PTXdist version XXXX.YY.0 is required to compile an OSELAS Toolchain XXXX.YY.Z. The version of PTXdist and toolchain required to build a given BSP revision is shown in the version matrix.

Build System PTXdist 2013.03

Build System PTXdist 2012.07

PTXdist projects for compiling OSELAS toolchains

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