Embedded module TQMaRZG2x - YOCTO Linux BSP documentation

Building the SDK requires a Yocto build environment configured for meta-tq or ci-meta-tq The setup of the build environment is described on the corresponding Yocto quickstart of the TQMaRZG2x.

bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-hmi

After building the SDK, the installation script is located in …/tmp/deploy/sdk/ in the build directory

e.g. for rocko.TQMaRZG2x.BSP.SW.0010


By default the sdk will be installed to /opt/tq-dumpling-wayland-rzg2/2.4.3/ the install path can be changed during the installtion.

The SDK should match to the image rootfs configuration, otherwise you may expect difficuties while debugging an application. So if the rootfs configuration is changed the SDK must be rebuilt and installed again.
  • Last modified: 2022/08/04 15:02