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Embedded module TQMa28 - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

Adapting BSP for an own product

we suggest to read the following pages before you proceed with this page

The BSP was developed for the starterkit STKa28. To use it in a product with special needs or a different basebord we suggest to define an own platform. To start with it make a copy of the platform definition and select the new platform definition

$ cd <BSPROOT>
$ cp -r <BSPROOT>/configs/platform-tq-mba28 to <BSPROOT>/configs/<your-cool-platform>
$ ptxdist platform <BSPROOT>/configs/<your-cool-platform>/platformconfig

To start configuring your new platform type

$ ptxdist platformconfig

The first thing to change should be the platform name. Adapt things like kernel configuration, image creation etc. to your needs.

The new system will be built under <BSPROOT>/platform-<platformname_from_platformconfig>

Please read the build system documentation howto go further. Keep in mind that custom mainboards may need changes in bootloader and device tree. Give the new bootloader config and device tree a new name to cleanly distinguish them from the starterkit mainboard configuration.

If creating BSP for a new motherboard, make sure to create new configurations for bootloaders and device tree.

Changing packages

PTXdist uses release tar balls for software it loads from the net. You have to work with patches, if you need to make changes to the source code. Follow the instructions of the developers section in the PTXdist manual.

Changes that are made in the build directories will be deleted, when PTXdist needs to redo a buildstep.

Adding own packages

PTXdist needs a package for every bit you need in your root FS to guarantee reproducible builds. To add your software, files etc. you have to provide local packages. Follow the instructions of the developers section in the PTXdist manual. PTXdist provides templates as starting point for own packages. Type

$ ptxdist newpackage

to see what package templates exist.

Partition scheme

Changing the partition scheme may affect the boot loader update capability and / or the kernel command line parameters!

The following partition scheme is used for SD / eMMC images

  • sector size = 512 Byte
Sector Size Usage in Partition table
0x0000 … 0x0001 0x0002 sectors / 1kiB MBR / Partition table
0x0002 … 0x001B 0x0019 sector / 127kiB U-Boot environment
0x3000 … 0x3FFF 0x1000 sectors / 2MiB device tree blob
0x4000 … 0x7FFF 0x4000 sectors / 8MiB U-Boot partition (!) *
0x8000 … 0xBFFF 0x4000 sectors / 8MiB Kernel partition *
0xC000 … 0x2BFFF 0x20000 sectors / 64 MiB RootFS partition *
0x2C000…0xABFFF 0x80000 sectors / 256 MiB free to use partition (!!) *

(!) The Freescale tool (sdimage) used to create the SD/eMMC image writes two copies of U-Boot to this partition. The secondary copy starts at the sector following the last sector of the primary copy. Therefore no absolute addresses can be given.

(!!) Currently only SD/eMMC images implement this partition. MfgTool profiles do not yet create this partition.

The partition scheme is defined for platforms TQMa28/TQMa28L/TQMa28-fsl using the config file

The creation of the image is controlled using the project local PTXdist package image-hd2. To create the image the genimage host tool is used. This tool is automatically selected and built. You can find the build directory under <BSPROOT>/platform-<tqma28-fsl | tqma28>/build-host/genimage. There is also a README file documenting how to use this tool and the config file.

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TQ-Systems GmbH provides the Board Support Packages (BSP) free of charge. The software included in the shipment has been configured individually for the starter kits. The software is only intended to evaluate the module. The use of the Board Support Packages (BSP) is only allowed within the scope of functionality described by TQ-Systems GmbH. TQ-Systems GmbH does not accept any liability for all further changes of the Board Support Package and for any damage resulting from its use.

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