Embedded module TQMa28 - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

TQ Board Support Packages

The Board Support Packages (BSPs) usually provide source code as well as precompiled images for one or more platforms. Please see the version matrix for details on each revision of the BSP.

Linux BSP Rev.0119 for TQMaXX ☚ current revision
MD5SUM: 048463A121EBB56A6B6FEA889A12C0B2

Linux BSP Rev.0117 for TQMaXX
MD5SUM: B26ACB00737A50D8E4222826E409AD4D

Linux BSP Rev.0115 for TQMaXX

Linux BSP TQMaxx Rev.0109 - Fix eMMC 5.0 detection

Linux BSP Rev.0109 for TQMaXX
MD5SUM: D54E09F41D17007400478F55BAB02520

Linux BSP Rev.0106 for TQMa28
MD5SUM: CEC963699324A0B4C7A8F48A8310BBD1

Linux BSP Rev.0102 for TQMa28
MD5SUM: 6FEE42122046E77470CDD0FF77843D55

Linux BSP Rev. 0101 for TQMa28
MD5SUM: BCF625254880033A7A0B55206B8C66FC

Linux BSP Rev.0100 for TQMaXX
MD5SUM: C513FAE97F811440BD8D5513D3896218

Linux BSP Rev.0100 for TQMa28
MD5SUM: 3FB31F73C7EF05399FC31DC102DCF84F

BSP with support for TQMa28 (BSP Rev.0100)

Build System / Toolchains

PTXdist version XXXX.YY.0 is required to compile an OSELAS Toolchain XXXX.YY.Z. The version of PTXdist and toolchain required to build a given BSP revision is shown in the version matrix.

Build System PTXdist 2013.12

Build System PTXdist 2012.07

Build System PTXdist 2012.04

Build System PTXdist 2011.11

PTXdist projects for compiling OSELAS toolchains

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