Embedded module TQMLS102xA - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

We suggest to read the following pages before proceeding with this page:

First of all make a copy of the platform definition and select the new platform definition

$ cd <BSPROOT>
$ cp -r <BSPROOT>/configs/platform-tq-mbals102xa to <BSPROOT>/configs/<your-cool-platform>
$ ptxdist platform <BSPROOT>/configs/<your-cool-platform>/platformconfig

To start configuring your new platform type

$ ptxdist platformconfig

The first thing to change should be the platform name. Adapt things like kernel configuration, image creation etc. to your needs.

The new system will be built under <BSPROOT>/platform-<platformname_from_platformconfig>

PTXdist uses release tarballs for software it loads from the net. You have to work with patches, if you need to make (permanent) changes to the source code. Follow the instructions of the developers section in the PTXdist manual.

Changes made in the build directories will be deleted, when PTXdist needs to redo a buildstep.

Everything that should be part of your rootfilesystem needs to be provided as a PTXdist package, in order to guarantee reproducible builds. To add your application software, files etc. you have to provide local packages. Follow the instructions of the developers section in the PTXdist manual. PTXdist provides templates as starting point for own packages.


$ ptxdist newpackage

for a list of available package templates.

SD / eMMC Image

  • sector size 512 Byte
  • unpartitioned area: 4MiB (0x2000 sectors)

Sector numbers are in hexadecimal (as expected by U-Boot's mmc command), size is given in hex (=number of sectors) and dezimal (= size in byte).

Sector Size Usage
0x00000 … 0x000000 0x0001 sector / 512 Byte MBR / Partition Table
0x00001 … 0x000001 0x0001 sector / 512 Byte free
0x00002 … 0x0007FF 0x07FE sectors / 1023 KiB u-boot
0x00800 … 0x000FFF 0x0800 sectors / 1MiB environment
0x01000 … 0x001FFF 0x1000 sectors / 2 MiB free
0x02000 … 0x00BFFF 0xA000 sectors / 20 MiB boot /firmware (Kernel,devicetrees)
0x0C000 … 0x08BFFF 0x80000 sectors / 256 MiB root
0x8C000 … 0x10BFFF 0x80000 sectors / 256 MiB spare, unformated

BSP Revision < 0109

The partition scheme is defined using the config file config/platform-tq-mbls102xa/config/images/uboot-hd.config.

To create the image the genimage host tool is used. This tool is automatically selected and built. You can find the build directory under <BSPROOT>/platform-MBLS102x/build-host/genimage. See the README file for how to use this tool.


  • sector size 64 KiB
Sector Size Usage
0x0000 … 0x0013 0x000E sectors / 896 KiB U-Boot
0x0014 … 0x0014 0x0001 sector / 64 KiB environment0
0x0015 … 0x0015 0x0005 sectors / 64 KiB devicetree
0x0016 … 0x0086 0x0070 sectors / 7 MiB Kernel
0x0087 … 0x0467 0x0380 sectors / 56 MiB RootFS