Embedded module TQMLS102xA - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

TQ Board Support Packages

The Board Support Packages (BSPs) usually provide source code as well as precompiled images for one or more platforms.
Please see the version matrix for details of each BSP revision.

TQMLS102xA BSP Rev.0112☚ current revision
MD5SUM: 09B5CFAB263070F06C82C791812037FE

TQMLS102xA BSP Rev.0111
MD5SUM: 965464329762A1634C739678F36EB765

TQMLS102xA BSP Rev.0110
MD5SUM: 265CD64894ECF83DA600AC99BD5DECC6

TQMLS102xA BSP Rev.0109
MD5SUM: CFAFA4F29B4C427E82EA7544F90A7AD9

TQMLS102xA BSP Rev.0102
MD5SUM: 1F6BB7DC98E2E10AEB5C528382187971

Linux BSP Rev.0102 for TQMLS102xA - Hotfix QSPI Boot
MD5SUM: 699E8B791D9E25CA3C0CEC31A43200E6

TQMLS102xA BSP Rev.0100
MD5SUM: FA1BDF3A2E42725709DD6F6A61323D7F

TQMLS102xA BSP Prerelease Rev.0005
MD5SUM: 8F8D58F445107A031883ACB222C9875C

TQMLS102xA BSP Prerelease Rev.0004
MD5SUM: B8361BCA27933080939CFF98120EE204

Build System / Toolchains

PTXdist version XXXX.YY.0 is required to compile an OSELAS Toolchain XXXX.YY.Z.
The version of PTXdist and toolchain required to build a given BSP revision is shown in the version matrix.

Build System PTXdist 2018.09

Build System PTXdist 2016.04

Build System PTXdist 2015.05

Build System PTXdist 2015.02

OSELAS Toolchain 2018.02.0

OSELAS Toolchain 2013.12.2

PTXdist projects for compiling OSELAS toolchains