Embedded module TQMLS102xA - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

We suggest to read the following page before proceeding with this page
We suggest to build the BSP with the default configuration for the fist time.
  1. The manual is your friend. See Downloads where to get it.
  2. See the README in your BSP root folder
PTXdist 2015.02.0                Build System for Embedded Linux Systems

  ptxdist <action [args]> [options]

Setup and Project Actions:

  menu				enter main control menu

  setup				setup per-user preferences
  boardsetup			setup per-board preferences

  projects			show available projects
  clone <from> <to>		create a new project, cloned from <from>.

  menuconfig			configure the project's filesystem

  menuconfig kernel
  kernelconfig			configure the kernel

  menuconfig platform
  platformconfig		configure the platform

  menuconfig collection		configure the collection

To configure the system (e.g. add additional packages) you can start the PTXdist menu:

$ ptxdist menu
PTXdist menu

To add additional packages to your root filesystem simply use the ptxdist tool. The ncurses based UI is the same that is used by the linux kernel with “make menuconfig”. It can be used the following way:

  • use the up / down arrow keys to navigate in the menu
  • use the left / right arrow keys to navigate between buttons
  • select / deselect packages and options using the SPACE key
  • enter submenus or press buttons using the ENTER key

Dependencies between packages should be automagically resolved. Software is organized in sections.

First of all you need to choose for which platform you want to build and which userland configuration should be used.
The commands in the following sections have to be executed within the BSP root directory.

Configure the BSP for the desired hardware platform and software configuration using the correpsonding command from the following table:

Platform Configuration Command
MBLS102xA Minimal rootfs w/ busybox /tools/config-mbls102xa

Building the BSP:

Execute in the BSP root directory

$ ./tools/config-mbls102xa
$ ./p images


$ ptxdist platform configs/platform-tq-tqmls102xa/mbls102xa/platformconfig
$ ptxdist select configs/platform-tq-tqmls102xa/ptxconfig.bb
$ ptxdist go --git
$ ptxdist images

PTXdist downloads some packages. If it reports some errors please

  • verify your internet connection or proxy settings.
  • make sure the package source is correct. Some package source pages will change from time to time.
    (You can always try to download the source package manually and copy it to your package pool (by default: <BSP project>\src))
  • some packages like bootloaders and kernels where you can select versions need to know about their hash sums. You have to calculate them using md5sum and enter the correct hash in the ptxdist configuration.
  • run
    $ ptxdist get