Embedded module TQMLS102xA - PTXdist Linux BSP documentation

TQMLS102xA BSP Rev.0102

Affects TQMLS102xA with eMMC assembled
Issue Sporadic kernel messages from eMMC driver:
mmc0: Got data interrupt 0x00000002 even though no data operation was in progress
Effect No known effect regarding usability and performance of the eMMC
Solution / Workaround add patch emmc-remove-interrupt-0x00000002-message.zip

MBLS102xA Rev.01xx EC2, HDMI, SATA

Affects EC2, HDMI, SATA on MBLS102xA Rev.01xx
Issue EC2, HDMI, SATA are not useable on MBLS102xA Rev.01xx
Effect EC2, HDMI, SATA are not useable on MBLS102xA Rev.01xx
Solution / Workaround Due to a hardware issue there is no workaround

MBLS102xA Rev.01xx and Rev.0200 JTAG interface

Affects JTAG interface on MBLS102xA Rev.01xx and Rev.0200
Issue Some Debuggers might require VREF voltage at X37_1
Effect Some Debuggers can't establish a connection to the LS102xA
Solution / Workaround Place resistor R646 (100R, 0402) on MBLS102xA

MBLS102xA Rev.0200 and Rev.0201 JTAG interface

Affects MBLS102xA Rev.0200 and Rev.0201
Issue JTAG interface does not work due to an issue with the signal CPU_3V3_TRST#
Solution / Workaround Remove D40 on MBLS102xA Rev.0200 and Rev.0201

MBLS102xA Rev.01xx and TQMLS102xA Rev.02xx SD Card Boot

Affects MBLS102xA Rev.01xx and TQMLS102xA Rev.02xx
Issue Booting from SD Card/eMMC is not possible
Solution / Workaround Replace resistor R167 (10K, 0402) with (1K, 0402) on MBLS102xA REV.01xx

TQMLS102XA-BSP-REV.0100 2nd CPU does not start

Affects 2nd CPU Core LS102x
Issue 2nd CPU Core Linux Kernel does not start the 2nd CPU Core
Effect only one CPU Core is useable
Solution / Workaround Kernel option CONFIG_ARM_PSCI must be selected in the ptxdist kernelconfig
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